Father John Powers
Memorial Basketball League
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Tournament Results
- 12/17/16 -
(A) Division Championship
SPA Bulls: 34 - SHC Spirits: 16
(A) Division Championship
JN Panthers: 40 - SST Pacers: 12
(A) Division Championship
SF Celtics: 27 - SPA Bulls: 25
(A) Division Championship
SF Celtics: 27 - JN Panthers: 26
(B) Division Championship
JN Saints: 12 - SHC Rockets: 10
(B) Division Championship
SF Wildcats: 38 - SST Suns: 14
(B) Division Championship
SPA Colts: 20 - JN Saints: 6
(B) Division Championship
SPA Colts: 21 - SF Wildcats: 10
Scores are not kept for (C) division games.
Final Standings
(A) Division
TeamWonLost  PF  PA
SF Celtics6018886
JN Panthers42162140
JN Wilzards42141125
SPA Bulls33140144
SHC Spirits1598156
SST Pacers0690168
(B) Division
TeamWonLost  PF  PA
SPA Colts7021963
SF Wildcats52151102
SHC Rockets3481134
JN Saints2579149
SST Suns1780162
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